Frequently Asked Questions about BAXI

Question: Who is Baxi?

Answer: Baxi traces its roots to Richard Baxendale, an English iron moulder, who began the Baxendale Company in 1866. In the 142 years since the Group was founded, it has been responsible for many of the key engineering breakthroughs which have revolutionized the market. Baxi Group is one of Europe's biggest manufacturers and distributors of domestic and commercial water and space heating systems, operating in a market worth over $16 billion a year.

Question: Where are Baxi products used besides Maine?

Answer: Baxi Group is the market leader in UK and Spain, and has a significant market presence in established European markets including France, Italy and Germany. Baxi Group is also a lead supplier to the emerging and faster growing markets in Eastern and Central Europe, Russia, Turkey and China. Greater access to natural gas and growing household income is driving growth in these areas. In Turkey, where Baxi Group has a joint venture with Baymak, the domestic boiler market, for example, is expected to grow by over 40% over the next 4 years.

As each national market is very different, Baxi Group's solutions vary too. In 'old' Europe - principally Western Europe including Iberia - environmental concerns and rising energy costs have meant fast growth in demand for more efficient and renewable energy sources. Baxi Group continues to be at the forefront of these new technological developments, offering consumers a wide choice of "green" options. It is also investing heavily in research and development to continue to be a leader in a rapidly evolving field.

In developing markets there is still strong demand for traditional gas fired boiler products. However interest in new technologies and high efficiency products in these markets is also growing quickly as energy costs rise and new regulations are put in place. With its track record in innovation, Baxi Group is ready to meet these new market demands.

Question: What products does Baxi manufacture?

Answer: In addition to manufacturing high efficiency condensing boilers, Baxi Group is committed to new heating technologies that will play a role in tackling climate change. It already sells the world's leading mini combined heat and power (CHP) unit and has a well developed range of domestic biomass and solid fuel boilers, solar and heat pump products and is developing microCHP boilers for domestic installations. New technology and innovation is so important to the Group that it is also investing in a microCHP unit, powered by a fuel cell, and small enough for domestic use.

Question: What is the best way to heat my home?

Answer: Throughout Maine, boilers are the most popular appliance for providing central heating and hot water in the home.

Question: What is the best type of boiler for my home?

Answer: Boilers can be either conventional or condensing.
The term condensing, or high efficiency, means the boiler recovers more heat from the amount of oil or gas that is burnt, making it more efficient than conventional boilers. By recovering and using heat that would otherwise be lost up the flue, the best condensing boilers are more than 90% efficient. Although condensing boilers cost more initially, they are very economical to use, and can pay back the initial extra cost in fuel savings. Condensing boilers also have lower emissions of toxic gasses making them much better for the environment.

Baxi Group has a large range of all of these types of boilers, made with the best materials and in accordance with the highest standards in the industry. Mainely Plumbing & Heating has installed all models of Baxi boilers in a variety of applications. Contact us for a free consultation on which products are best suited for your home and your budget.

Question: Are Baxi wall hung boilers maintenance free?

Answer: No boiler is maintenance free. A simple annual servicing is all that is required to keep your Baxi boiler running trouble free and at peak efficiency. Mainely Plumbing & Heating is a BAXI CERTIFIED installer and servicing company.

Question: What is the warranty on Baxi wall hung boilers?

Answer: All Baxi boilers offer a standard 1 year warranty on parts and a 10 year warranty on the primary heat exchanger. But if installed by Mainely Plumbing & Heating you will receive an extra 6 months of factory warranty.

Question: Is it possible to purchase an extended warranty?

Answer: Yes. As a BAXI CERTIFIED INSTALLER and SERVICE COMPANY, Mainely Plumbing & Heating can offer you an extended 10 year parts AND labor warranty on all Baxi boilers installed by us. Ask for more details when you call.

Question: What are the benefits of installing a Baxi boiler?

Energy efficiency - The Baxi system does not use any fuel unless there is a request for either heat or hot water. With a "combi" unit or a model that produces domestic hot water on demand, there is no energy consumed maintaining the domestic hot water set-point temperature in a tank. Therefore there is no wasted energy with "stand by loss". The residential HT380 model will produce an unmatched 3.9 GPM of true on-demand hot water with no storage losses. In most cases, this is enough hot water to supply two full baths. Further, Baxi HT models achieve combustion efficiencies of up to 98% and carry an AFUE rating of 92.7%. Included standard with all HT models is the Siemens QAA73 control. This control not only serves as a thermostat, when used in conjunction with an outdoor weather sensor it will work seamlessly with the onboard software and CPU in order to constantly deliver maximum efficiency and comfort.
Reliablility - When installed and regularly serviced by a Baxi Certified contractor, your Baxi will provide years of trouble free service, reduced emissions and carbon footprint, and real energy savings.
Safety - All Baxi boilers include a flu blockage safety switch, flu high-limit switch, central heat high limit safety switch, domestic hot water safety sensor, low water cut-off, and pressure relief valve. A carbon monoxide detector is recommended with any heating appliance burning fossil or solid fuels and is available from us.
Space Saving - Baxi is the pioneer of wall hung boiler technology. There is minimal additional equipment required outside of the boiler and each boiler includes a system /primary circulator, low water cutoff, expansion tank, fill valve, safety switches, automatic air elimination vents, contol package, CPU and more. All of these components are designed to work with each other by Baxi. Every Baxi boiler is test fired at the factory.

Question: Do Baxi boilers qualify for the $1,500.00 Federal tax credit?

Answer: Yes. Go to and click on "Manufacturers Certificate Statement" and print a copy for your records.

Question: Where can I go for more information on Baxi boilers?

Answer: Visit or call Mainely Plumbing & Heating for more information on sales and service of all Baxi heating products.

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